Tuesday, April 22, 2008

White River 50

So, several weeks ago I decided that I wanted to run an Ultramarathon. I was reading the latest Runners World magazine and they had an artical about running your first Ultra. They even had a workout plan to build up to it. Here is a link to their online aritcle about it. I found an ultramarathon in Washington. I hope to be up there by the time this race happens. It is the White River 50. It looks like a really good race. It is on July 26th. I've been running a lot more. I've been working at building my mileage each week. My long runs have gone up from 13, to 15, to 17 this last saturday. I'm going to build one to two miles each week until I peak at 31 miles three weeks before the race. My weekly mileage has also gone up, for the last four weeks it has gone from 29 to 32 to 33 to 37. I hope to top out at 50-60 miles per week. Then after the 50 mile race I hope I can keep up the 50-60 miles each week and just work at improving my speed. On most runs I average about 8:30 miles. On my quicker runs It can be in the low 7 minute miles. If you want to check out my running log, I keep it online at runnersworld. Here it is.

I just hope that my shin doesn't give me any more problems. It hasn't been too bad. Just yesterday though, it hurt after a quick two mile run. I ran five easy miles this morning and it was hurting pretty much the whole time. The pain usually dulls out after the first mile. I'll take tomorrow off (because I'll be traveling all day) and hopefully thursday will be a good running day. Maybe I won't do a tempo run this week in an attempt to give my leg a little break.

I am really excited about going up to Washington this week. I get to see my dad. I also get to run in the mild Pacific Northwest. In the last week it has gotten way too hot here in Flordia. Yesterday reached 88 degrees and today is about the same. It will be nice to go for a run in the 40's or 50's.

I'll try to get some photos to put on here too. A blog can be pretty boring to read without some pictures... I just tried getting a photo to put on here but it wasn't working. Here is a link to it though. I bought a new pair of running shoes yesterday. The Asics Gel Landrtth 4 seems to be a pretty good shoe. I tried them out last night and the first mile they were loose then I tightened them and they were much better for the second mile.