Sunday, February 7, 2010

Salt Lake City Marathon

Well, I just did it. I signed up for the SLC Marathon. It is on April 17th. I believe I am already trained more for this marathon than any other marathon I have ever ran. I think this one will be my fastest. Maybe I'll make a goal of 3:10. My best so far was 3:26. I am certain I can do better than that, but my ambitions of doing a sub three marathon this time i think are a little too much. I do still have two months to get my speed a bit quicker. Yesterday I ran twenty miles, so I am good with mileage. I think I'll keep doing twenty on the weekend, and probably do a 22 or 24 mile run before the marathon too.

Anyway, I've now got a specific goal. I paid the price for the marathon. I was expecting to pay only 89 dollars, but there was a fee of $7.68 to register online. I think that is a bit rediculous. oh well, 96 dollars well spent I hope. That is one reason I hate signing up for marathons. they cost so much. It almost seems strange to pay a hundred dollars when I can go and run 26.2 miles for free anytime I want to. I guess it is just the comradory of running with other people, and the support on the course, the food, drinks, and the police blocking traffic just for me.

This will be my fourth official marathon. I first was was Top of Utah back in 2002. Then my next one was Baton Rouge Beach Marathon in December of 2007. In 2009 I did the Yakima River Valley Marathon. And now I'm doing this one. In August of 2008 I did the Bartlet Park 50 mile Ultramarathon, but that isn't really a marathon. There have been several other times that I have ran 26 miles or more just for training, but this will only be my fourth official marathon.

Now it is off to work to make the money I just spent on the race. I start my new job tomorrow, hopefully they won't hate me. I hope the job isn't too bad.