Thursday, October 25, 2007

HIghest peak in Florida

So, today we decided to brave the elements and climb the highest peak in the state of Florida. It was easy to breath up there and no one got nose bleeds. We all made it too; Ella, Alex, Amanda and me. The altitude was a grand total of 345 Feet. It was actually a roadside park. Not too far from where we live. Now I have been to one of the "highest" point in the US. I have 49 more states to go.

Alex kept running around not wanting to pose for a photo.

This little monument marks the actual high spot. Nothing in Florida is higher than this spot, except any building or tower.

Alex could care less about this thing. He notices airplanes even when daddy doesn't. I'm training him well.

Ella is a blooming photographer. She loves taking pictures with our old camera. She manages to get a few good ones. She is a real cutie.

Ella loves to drag Alex around. She'll pull him over, then tell him to be careful. I have the cutest kids in the world!

Alex love to put everything in his mouth. Here he is eating an acorn.

Ella and Alex loved playing with all the moss too. They've never seen it before. It was soft and nice to stroke.

Alex was particularly fond of this piece. He probably even tasted it.

You can check out Amanda's blog if you want to see a little more about this trip. She also has a more fun way of wording things.

Mountain Biking

A week ago I went mountain biking. It had been raining and so the trail was a bit wet and so were all the roots and fallen trees we were riding over. I guess I just wasn't comfortable on my bike that day. Within the first few miles I crashed twice. After 14 miles, I had crashed four times. All four times I fell on my left side. I bruised my ribs up pretty bad. A couple days later, I was still hurting pretty bad, and it seemed to be getting worse. Finally after a week I went it to see a doctor about it. My appointment was at 0800 this morning. They took several x-rays to see if anything was broken. They couldn't see any fractures, but the doc said that badly bruised ribs can hurt just as bad as broken ribs. He just gave me some strong medicine to dull the pain. I guess I have to take it easy now. I'll probably go on a few bike rides (off the trails) for the next week or two until I heal.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I've been tagged!

Well, my wife tagged be so I figured I'd better actually post something.

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Running Cross Country for Pleasant Grove High School and placing 3rd as a team at the State Meet.
2. Working at Pony Express Pizza as a delivery boy.
3. getting into rock climbing
4. Climbing Mount Timpanogos

5 things on my To-Do List today:
1. Call work (they've told me to wait for their call, but I can't just do nothing, I need to bug them)
2. Do Laundry
3. Recover from bike ride
4. Watch The Office

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. Travel
2. Invest
3. Buy a house
4. Climb Everest
5. Get my immediate family out of debt.

5 things I'll never wear again:
1. Turtle neck

5 favorite toys:
1. Computer
2. Bike
3. Digital Camera (that's my wifes toy but I play with it too)
4. My running Shoes

5 people to tag:
1. David

Yeah, I guess that is pretty pathetic. I left a lot of blanks, I know. Just live with it.

Mountain Biking

So, yesterday evening I got together with some local guys and went mountain biking. They took me on some really cool trails. It had been a while since I had been on any trails, but it was fun. I stayed on my bike almost the whole time. I brushed up against a tree pretty hard at one point, but stayed on my bike. I'll take a picture of my war wound and get it on here sooner or later. We rode a total of about 14 miles. I'm really quite sore today. I feel like I've been beat up really bad. Oh well, the riding was worth it. I need to do that more often.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Same old, Same old...

So, here is a cute picture of my little boy. This was last week when we were camping. I feel bad, because shortly after this picture was taken, he fell face first into the dirt. He's tough though.

Here we have one of Amanda's cakes. We had friends over to play Settlers of Catan and Amanda came up with this great idea to make a Settlers cake. It turned out great. It was very delicious too.

We were at Wal-Mart the other day and we saw this little bike that Ella loved. It was only 35 dollars and since we had kind of been eying a bike to get her, we got it. Isn't she so cute? As soon as we got home we let her hop on for a ride. She went right down the driveway and off the curb onto her face. She cried a little bit, but got right back up. She is just as tough as Alex. She is now more cautious as she constantly reminds us that she is only going to ride very slow. She will pedal for a second then hit the brakes and repeat over and over.

I feel pretty good about today. We cleaned for most of the morning. I feel like we got a lot done although you'd never be able to tell. Amanda did a great job scrubbing the kitchen floor while I picked stuff up upstairs.
This afternoon while the kids were napping I went for an hour long bike ride. It felt really good. I talked with a guy from the local bike store and he is giong to show me some local trails tomorrow.
That's it for now.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Camping and more

So, yesterday I decided that it was a good day to go camping. Amanda went to the store in the morning while I stayed home with the kids getting everything together that we would need. We went to a local state park. Before we left I went for a quick bike ride. Well, it was actually 45 minutes, but it was fun. We got to the campground around two or so. We set up camp and got our swimsuits on to go play in the river. That was pretty fun. Alex and I went up river just a bit and we saw a turtle. Even though it has cooled down significantly it was still hot and very humid which made it even worse. The river felt nice though. When we got back to the campsite we tried to lay the kids down for a nap, but the attempt was futile, so we just let them play. I got a fire going so we could cook our foil dinners. I ended up burning them a little bit. One of these days I'm going to get it right. After dinner, we took a walk over and found a geocache. I wanted to do more, but it was getting dark and the mosquito's were terrible. They were attacking us even with all our bug repellent on.
It was dark by the time we got back to camp and it was bout the kids bed time, so we got ready for bed. It was too warm inside the tent, but the mosquito's were too bad outside the tent, so Amanda and I laid there with the kids. It was so hot that I slept with nothing over me until about two in the morning when I finally grabbed my sleeping bag and laid it half over me.
It was six something when we all got up this morning. After a quick breakfast of cold cereal, we went for a little walk along a trail that led through a swamp and into lots of spider webs. We went back to the campsite and cleaned up, then went over to another trail and walked around the loop. We were looking for two more geocaches. We found both of them. I carried Alex the whole way, while Ella walked the whole way, what a trooper. I thought the first trail was bad with spiders, but we saw about a hundred spiders on the second trail and they were all huge. the smallest one was about an inch and a half, the largest was probably four or even five inches. There were a couple that had built their webs right over the trail.
We got home today about ten o'clock. I would have wanted to stay longer but the mosquito's were so bad that it wasn't much fun. It was also so humid that even though it was probably only 75 degrees, it felt like 85 or 90.
After I unpacked the car, I went for a three mile run. It felt pretty good. I'm glad that I am staying motivated to continue working out. I am still hoping to run a marathon. I am probably going to run the Salt Lake City Marathon in April. I might do one in January or February. I'd like to do a triathlon or two as well. I think it would be cool to do an Ironman triathlon. It would consist of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and a full 26.2 mile marathon. I'm still at least a year away from attempting one of those. It'll probably be two years or so before I'll do one. I'm still motivated to keep working up to it. It is a slow process of building up to it, but when you are starting out at practically nothing, you've got to go slow. I don't want to injure myself.
Amanda is motivated to do a triathlon as well. We've been riding our bicycles together a couple times a week. I've been thinking I'd like to get her a bike of her own. The bike she is using now is mine and it is too big for her. I'd like a new bike too, but one thing at a time. I think the first thing we will get is new tires for the bikes so they will be smoother on the road. At the local bike shop the sell them for 25 or so but they didn't have any in stock.
Well, now that you have way more than you can handle, I'll go for now. Expect some pictures soon. I'm just too lazy to go get the camera.