Monday, January 4, 2010

Quick Stats for 2009

I didn't total as many miles as I did in 2008, but I didn't run an ultra-marathon either. I still feel good about what I did. in terms of running, I managed to get almost 640 miles. Most of which was from the first part of the year when I was training for the Yakima River Valley Marathon. I still ran throughout the year though because I just enjoy it. But it is easier to rack up more miles if I am training for something specific. That is why I am thinking of training for the Wasatch 100. I still don't know if I will. It would take a lot of time away from the family to train for something that big. Maybe I'll just pick a couple of marathons to train for and see how fast I can run 26.2 miles. I was thinking today while I was running that it would be nice to brake three hours. I don't think it would be too hard if I signed up for two or three marathons for the year.

Anyway, I also managed to walk/hike 250 miles. I think most of that is from the first half of the year when I was walked to and from school. It was only a mile from my house, but two miles every day really adds up over five months. also, I got some snowshoes for the last week of the year and managed to add a couple dozen extra miles to that.

On my bicycle I totaled 700 miles. I was training for a triathlon, which accounted for some of those miles, but I rode my bike almost every day to work and back, that was 10 miles a day for 8 0r 10 weeks. plus a few times, I rode the long way home which was about 20 miles.

And, for good measure, I swam five times to total 2.4 miles. Again, it was part of the triathlon training. I like swimming, but it is just so hard to go to a pool (I'd have to pay to use) or to a lake just to swim. I'd rather just put shoes on or hop on my bike and go.

Well, I hope to do more in 2010. I'm not too concerned with more swimming, biking or walking/hiking. But I would definitely like to run more miles this year. I think I could pretty easily run over 1000 miles. If I train for and do the Wasatch 100 then it wouldn't be too hard to get close to or even pass 2000 miles.

Here are a couple of charts. The first one is weekly totals for the last 52 weeks. The second one is monthly totals for the last 12 months. You can definitely see my running favored the first half of the year. There were even a few weeks that I didn't get any miles in.