Friday, August 10, 2007

More Spinning

So, I spent six days over at the spin chair and the LT over there was very confident that I would do just fine back in the airplane. But when I flew yesterday, I threw up pretty early in the flight. The LT said he has never seen that before. if people get sick again it is after they fly a few more flights. Well, next week I will try flying in the morning with motion sickness medicine and the do the spin chair in the afternoons. I am still going strong, but if I get "actively airsick" once more
(especially with the meds) then I will not be disappointed if they consider me a lost cause and separate me. I'm sick of getting sick.
anyway, maybe I'll try to get a picture of this infamous spin chair so you can all see what it is I'm talking about.

I think we are going to head to the library right now (what better way to spend a Friday afternoon) then maybe go to town to eat at Panera Bread or something. I don't really know though, so we'll see.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Spin Chair

Well, I've made it to that point. I've had 10 flights. On seven of those flights I have been "actively airsick." That means I have thrown up. I tried Medicine on several of those flights. I have been going to this spin chair now for two days. I'll do it at least three more days. The first time wasn't too bad. Towards the end I started to hyperventilate (they were telling me to breath deeply in my stomach to relax myself. I guess I was breathing to rapidly. Some of my muscles tightened up. My hands tensed up and I couldn't open them. It was really weird. Today that didn't happen. But just before I finished the second spin I threw up. I felt terrible. The way it works is I spin for ten minutes, have a ten minute break, then spin for another ten minutes.
I've been looking at what else I could do if I can't get over this airsickness. I don't know if I'll study Russian, or international studies, or what not. Lets just hope it doesn't come to that.