Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I run a lot

Running is a hobby of mine. It is something I do for fun. I am able to relax and blow off stress when I run. For the month of May I managed to total 201 miles. For the last week though, it has been hard to pull myself out and run. It was my shortest week in over two months. Even today when I thought going for a run would make me feel better it just made me more tired. I'm now sitting here feeling very exhausted. I think that I need to go to bed earlier and maybe eat better too. I am however excited about running a half marathon up in Alabama this weekend. I really think that I will have my energy level back by then. It will be a fun trail run at Oak Mountain State Park. Maybe my wife will even take some photos so that you can actually see me run. Not that a tired, sweaty guy is really something worth looking at, but it should be a pretty place too. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun in the Birmingham area on Friday and Saturday. I might be able to get Friday off.

Keep running.

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Amanda said...

Of course I'll take pictures!! What kind of blogging wife would I be if I didn't take pictures?