Wednesday, November 12, 2008

October Happenings

Wow, I just realized that it has been nearly a month since my last post. Not that anyone reads this blog anyway, but for the two or three loyal readers I have out there I figured I'd better write something so that you all know I haven't died or something.

It the previous post, I showed you a couple old photos from the 1920's. I've finished that project. I scanned all his photos into jpg format. There are 1159 photos that I scanned. It was fun looking through and seeing my dad in his younger years. These photos will now be easier to preserve and keep. Even if something were to happen to the original photos, we still have digital copies. I plan on making several copies on disks to give to family.

As far as running goes. Last Saturday, the 8th, I finished the cross country season with the college. Our last race was fun because it was in the pouring rain. The course was so muddy. It was lots of fun. I improved my time again, that means that for each of the four races, I got faster. I can still get faster too. My best time this year was slower than my times six years ago when I was running for Everett. I am a lot slower than I was in High school, and that was ten years ago.

I came into this season being trained for a long, slow race. But I was also injured. The injury is gone now, and I think that if I kept working at it I could continue improving. I want to do a 10K in December and then I want to run a couple marathons before next years White River 50 miler.

School is going just fine. All of my classes are pretty easy right now. I am signed up for 20 credits next quarter though, it should be pretty busy and fun. four of the classes should be a relatively easy review, the other two are going to be new information, but fun classes, I hope. only have two more quaters until I will graduate. I might not even need to finish because the FAA might hire me before. I have an application in and I will hear from them soon about taking their test. Once I take the test, depending on how well I do, I could get hired after that. It would be nice to acutally have a job again. My wife is getting pretty stressed out having to worry about making enough money to support us while I am in school.

How about some photos now. This first one is me and Alex. He is such a cutie. We went for a walk at a local state park and couldn't resist the photo opportunity.

This is later that day when we drove up to Mount Rainier. It is nice being so close to such good outdoor activities. I love the mountains.

And here is my cute little boy in front of the Mountain.
After we left here we went and picked a couple pumkins. Here's Ella. She wouldn't look at me and pose, so I just had to get a side shot.

And here is Alex, he was being much more photogenic that day.

Here we are carving some pumpkins at Grandma and Grandpas house. I didn't get very good photos.

Here is my nephew James cleaning out his big pumkin.

Here they all are at the pumkin patch.

This next one is my neice Sherri.

And this last one is at the Trunk-or-Treat

Well, that's all the photos this time.


J.R. said...

Seasons! You have glorious wonderful comforting seasons! What I wouldn't give to wear a jacket.
Kids look cute as can be.

Adrian said...

Pictures do make an excellent blog entry! Your kids are darling, I love all that blond, blond hair. Good luck next semester with twenty credit hours!

Elena said...

hey, you don't know - who reads your blog and wait for the next posts! so you better update it more often to comfort us - that you're alive ;)
your kids are adorable and cute!! hi from russia, we remember ya!

David Kleparek said...

I like reading posts. The more the merrier. I need a camera that takes photos as cool as yours are. :(