Thursday, April 23, 2009

Running Log Graphs

I use to log all of my running. Since I started keeping track of my running on their website back in October 2007, I have totaled 1957 miles in 290 hours. I have also logged 259 miles in 20 hours of biking. Just this year I started keeping track of some of the walking I've been doing. Mostly this consists of walking to and from school every day, 143 miles in 39 hours.

One of the things I like about the runnersworld running log is that I can graph my mileage and a number of other things. This first one is my weekly totals from the past 52 weeks. I've ranged from zero all the way up to 50 miles in one week.

This next one is my monthly totals since I started keeping this log. It ranges from about 10 miles up to just over 200 miles per month. I seem to do well when I log about 100 miles per month. Maybe I should make that my goal. If I can run 100 miles per month then I could run 1200 miles in a year.

Anyway, I just thought my loyal readers were getting frustrated with the lack of blogging on this blog, so I decided to blog.

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David Kleparek said...

I'm one of your loyal readers :)

I like the running graphs! I might use the runner's world site to log my running.