Sunday, May 23, 2010

Moab Camping Trip

After we set our tent up at camp, we drove up to Arches National Park and did some short hikes. This first one is Double Arch. You can see it behind us. The kids loved climbing up under the arches.

When we were done hiking we went back to camp to eat some dinner of hot dogs. Yummy!

The next morning we set out for Delicate Arch. The trail starts here at this cabin.

Ella got tired pretty quick.

It was worth it when we got there though. It was very windy, but very beautiful.

In this next one you can see the family under the arch. It kinda gives you an idea of how big Delicate Arch is.

On our last day there, we hiked out to Landscape Arch. This was a really cool one to see. It is one of the longest spanning arches in the world at about 300 feet long.

I am very glad that I got to go camping and hiking with my family. The kids really liked the fact that our campground had a swimming pool. That was really nice to cool us down from the heat. The temperatures got up close to ninety degrees if not more.

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Tim said...

Looks like a lot of fun!