Saturday, July 24, 2010

Butler Fork Trailhead

So this was the same trail head I used a couple of days ago. I went right up to the top of Circle All Peak again only a little faster. It was 29:30 to the top of it. I passed a few people on the way up too. The trail is much busier on a Saturday morning than any other day of the week. There were probably ten cars at the trail head. The other day there was only two. Today I also slept in a little bit and didn't get up to the trail head until about 7:30.

After reaching the top of Circle All peak, I came back down to the main trail and headed up about a third of a mile to where the trail splits. If I had gone left, I would have headed over to Mill A Basin. I took the trail to the right though and headed over towards Dog Lake. This was a three mile section of trail that was relatively flat. Overall I probably lost two to three hundred feet of elevation, if even that. The only part that was annoying was that the sun was right in my face and it was pretty hard to see the trail. I really should have had my running hat today, it would have made the run much easier.

Along this stretch of trail I found a pretty feather sitting on a bush. It was about two inches long and a really pretty orange color. I picked it up and brought it back with me because I figured the kids would like seeing the pretty feather.

I met up with the main trail just about a third of a mile before Dog Lake. If I had known that it was so close, I probably would have made the little jog over just to see the lake. I didn't know it was so close though, so I just turned right and headed back down the trail. This section was pretty good to run on, there were no bushes growing over the trail and no stinging neddle. I don't know how much elevation I lost but it was quite a bit. The trail was not too steep for the most part. This section was 1.7 miles. Then I met up the trail again that I was on earlier. It was just a half mile from the trail head. Overall it took me an hour and thirty minutes. Not bad, but not great. That three mile section I expected to be faster, but since the sun was in my face and a lot of the trail was grown over with shrubs, it made it pretty hard to keep a good pace going.

So for times we have
.5 miles 8:00
1.0 miles 18:26
.2 Miles 3:02
.2 miles 2:07
.3 miles 3:13
3.0 miles 33:58
1.7 miles 16:43
.5 miles 4:31
total 7.4 miles 1:30:00

Sorry no pictures this time. I didn't take the camera.

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