Thursday, January 17, 2008

I love to run

I went for a run today. I ran yesterday, I also ran Monday. On Monday I did 8 400 meter repeats. That was a lot of fun. I think though that because of that workout, I hurt my back a little bit. It has been sore for the last couple of days. It's my lower back. That muscle that is kind of in your butt, but it is high enough to be a back muscle.
Yesterday, it was pouring down rain all day. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to run in the rain, so when I got home, I went out and ran. When I got back, my kids wanted to play in the rain too, it was too cold though and they only lasted a couple of minutes.
Today's run felt good exept for the part about my back hurting and my shin starting to hurt. I thought my back would be alright, because after my warm up I felt pretty good. I did a tempo run today: three miles at about a seven minute per mile pace. It felt pretty good. Towards the end of my run though, my right shin started to hurt a little bit. I wasn't until I got home and started to stretch that my back really started to hurt. Well, not bad enough to make me stop running, just bad enough to make me take a 15 minute ice bath. Hopefully that will help my legs and back feel better.

This week my brother has been starting to train with me for the Salt Lake City Marathon. We'll see how it goes. His shins are already bothering him. And with my back and shin we'll see how far we can go without killing ourselves. We won't go that far, but I hope we don't get injured any more, especially my brother. I'm looking forward to an easy run tomorrow and a ten miler on Saturday.

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