Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feeling Better

Last weekend I mentioned that I was sick. This week I am feeling much better. It has actually been a pretty good week. I ran 33 miles this week. This morning was a 16 mile run. I felt great. The weather has been cooperating very well too. It has been sunny and clear all week. It was in the 50's most days. It is starting to rain right now though, and will continue to rain throughout the week. What? Rain? Never! Oh, yeah, I live in the Pacific Northwest. It is bound to rain at some point. Actually I enjoy the rain. A nice run in the rain is refreshing. As long as the run isn't too long. Then it could get miserable. I just have six weeks until the Yakima River Canyon Marathon. I just looked at the website and realized that I need to register for the race this week. Next Saturday the price goes from $65 to $80. I need to do what I can to save money, so I will register this week. Maybe I should just save the 65 dollars and not enter the race. I could just run 26 miles on my own, or something. No, I want to run in an organized event and get a race t-shirt and finishers medal and all that.

This week we got an ad in the mail from a local chiropractor. He was doing a special intro rate of 35 dollars for all the x-rays and other exams plus the first adjustment. Amanda love the chiropractor, and I had never been to one, so I called up and scheduled an appointment for Amanda. I went the next day. It was interesting to see the x-rays of my spine. A couple minutes after my adjustment, I got light headed and felt like I was going to pass out. It was pretty weird. He said that was very unusual. I had to sit down and drink some cold water. I felt better after 20 minutes or so. If I had more money, I would probably go more often, but I don't have a job right now, so I just won't go very often. I'll probably go back in a month or so, but I'll have to review my finances and see if I can afford to go regularly. Maybe we can afford to send Amanda once a month.

Anyway, that's it for now.

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Adrian said...

Chiropractors are weird, man! Don't fall for their schtick! I live in Davenport, home of Palmer Chiropractic College, which trains and releases hundreds of them on the unsuspecting public! And our ward is full of them! I can say from firsthand experience that they are WEIRD!