Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grandaddy Lake

I'd been wanting to hike up to Grandaddy Lake ever since I read about it in the spring. It sounded like a nice easy trail for kids to come along. It was not very steep, and it was only about four miles.

We drove up to the Grandview Trailhead up in the Uintas. And here we are at the trailhead around three o'clock.

This is Alex about twenty to thirty minutes up the trail. He says he was pretty tired, but every time we stopped to take a break, he was bouncing off all the trees and rocks. He was a trooper.

He wanted a turn with the camera, so there I am and there's the trail going up behind me.

This next one is just before we got to our camp. We were probably about a half mile or so from Grandaddy Lake.

When we arrived in the area, we first found a place to set up camp. Then we went exploring down to the lake. It was very pretty with the sun already behind the mountain, but still shining on this mountain and reflecting off the lake. It was awesome.

The next morning after we packed our bags up and ate some breakfast, we went down to the lake again. This time to a different spot. I couldn't believe how still the water was, and with the sunrise coming up over the lake it was really pretty. When I pointed the camera at Alex and asked him to smile, this is what he did. I don't know where he got this from, but he has done this for a year or so at random times. He just likes to be goofy.

The trees reflecting in the lake here was awesome. It was very nice to be able to see this before heading back down the trail. It would have been nice if we had been able to stay up there for two nights.

And here we are together. I had a lot of fun spending some one-on-one time with my son.

Again, just beautiful.

I only carried him this little bit down to and back up from the lake. He walked the four miles up to the lake and four miles back down to the car.

We needed a rest about every twenty minutes. I think it was a focus thing more than anything else. He just couldn't focus on walking for very long at a time.

He's a cutie.

And this is our last little rest before reaching the car.

Yeah, we finished.

I think Alex had a good time. I sure did. I think I'll come back here again. It is a really nice area. Maybe next time I'll have more time to explore some of the surrounding lakes.

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Chad said...

Hey, this is a great amount of pictures of your adventures! Thanks for sharing!