Saturday, September 15, 2007

Watch this video

here is a video from August of Ella and Alex just playing around. Alex loves going up and down the stairs. I didn't re-size the video or anything so, let me know if it takes too long to load, or doesn't play well. I can take it off and try resizing it so it will work better if I need to.
anyway, hope it works.

well i guess that didn't work
heres another try at the video thing. the other one was too big. It was only about a minute long, but it was like 85MB of info. here is a different movie that I have shrunk down. This one is now only 250 kilobytes.

and if I can get that one working, here is the one I was trying to upload at first. it is now only 900 kilobytes instead of 85 megs.

and please let me know if these videos don't play, or whatever.

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