Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mountain Biking

A week ago I went mountain biking. It had been raining and so the trail was a bit wet and so were all the roots and fallen trees we were riding over. I guess I just wasn't comfortable on my bike that day. Within the first few miles I crashed twice. After 14 miles, I had crashed four times. All four times I fell on my left side. I bruised my ribs up pretty bad. A couple days later, I was still hurting pretty bad, and it seemed to be getting worse. Finally after a week I went it to see a doctor about it. My appointment was at 0800 this morning. They took several x-rays to see if anything was broken. They couldn't see any fractures, but the doc said that badly bruised ribs can hurt just as bad as broken ribs. He just gave me some strong medicine to dull the pain. I guess I have to take it easy now. I'll probably go on a few bike rides (off the trails) for the next week or two until I heal.

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