Thursday, October 25, 2007

HIghest peak in Florida

So, today we decided to brave the elements and climb the highest peak in the state of Florida. It was easy to breath up there and no one got nose bleeds. We all made it too; Ella, Alex, Amanda and me. The altitude was a grand total of 345 Feet. It was actually a roadside park. Not too far from where we live. Now I have been to one of the "highest" point in the US. I have 49 more states to go.

Alex kept running around not wanting to pose for a photo.

This little monument marks the actual high spot. Nothing in Florida is higher than this spot, except any building or tower.

Alex could care less about this thing. He notices airplanes even when daddy doesn't. I'm training him well.

Ella is a blooming photographer. She loves taking pictures with our old camera. She manages to get a few good ones. She is a real cutie.

Ella loves to drag Alex around. She'll pull him over, then tell him to be careful. I have the cutest kids in the world!

Alex love to put everything in his mouth. Here he is eating an acorn.

Ella and Alex loved playing with all the moss too. They've never seen it before. It was soft and nice to stroke.

Alex was particularly fond of this piece. He probably even tasted it.

You can check out Amanda's blog if you want to see a little more about this trip. She also has a more fun way of wording things.


Mo Bloggin' said...

Looks like you guys had fun up there? Actually I guess that I should say down there, since it the highest spot in Florida is much lower than here. Looking at the picture of Alex with the acorn in his mouth, I actually thought that it was some kind of bug.

J.R. said...

You guys are so brave to do that hike. Ella is so freaking cute! I miss being your home teacher just to see Ella. Look how blonde she is.
Anyway, stay cool.