Saturday, May 10, 2008

26.2 Miles

Today I decided to go and run a full marathon. I had been feeling good this week, so I went for it. I took it easy and walked quite a bit on the second half. It was really hot out today. I was well prepared for it. I had three energy gels, two granola bars, and enough money to buy three bottles of Gatorade along the way. I also drank four of my water bottles full of water. I actually drove the route after I ran it just to make sure of the distance and it turns out that instead of 13.1 miles to the turn around point it was almost 13.3 so I actually ran more than a marathon.
As I was running today I just kept thinking that the heat was good training for the Badwater Ultramarathon. That is a 135 mile race that I would like to do. It runs through Death Valley and ends up at the foothills of Mount Whitney 135 miles away. It is run in July when the average high is 117 degrees and highs often reach the upper 120's. At night the average low's are in the high 80's. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for wanting to do it, but I think it sounds fun.
I'm a bit tired now, so that's it for now.
Happy Running.

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