Sunday, May 25, 2008

John Alley Missing

I have a friend here in Florida that has disappeared. Nobody knows where he is. Friday (May 23, 2008) he was in class from seven till three in the afternoon. After that no one has seen him. 2nd LT John Alley is an Air Force officer in pilot training. After searching all night Friday, police found his car totaled at about five Saturday (May 24th) morning. There was no sign of John though. There was no blood at the scene. John obviously walked away from the accident. He left his keys, wallet and cell phone in the car. Search dogs were called to the scene but the trail led nowhere which leads people to suspect that he was picked up by someone. It is possible that because of the wreck, he is disoriented and can not remember who he is. Please, for my friends sake forward this message to people. He might still be in the Pensacola area, but he also might be traveling somewhere. If he was really disoriented, he might not remember that he lives in Florida and thinks he lives in Colorado which is where he is from. This is a good standing member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints which means that it was very, very, very unlikely that alcohol was involved.

If you have any information regarding this go to the web site that has been set up for him. www.helpfindjohn.inf0 Today hundreds of people were out putting up fliers in local businesses and on street corners.

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