Saturday, November 10, 2007

Marathon Training

This was a good week for marathon training. I found a marathon I want to run on December first. It is a couple hours away from here. I mapped out a training schedule for the next four weeks. I will be ready for this marathon. I ran ten miles on Tuesday. I ran twelve miles today. This week totaled 32 miles. I feel good. I've been a little sore this week, but I feel really good today. I have a 35 mile week lined up next week. I will run 15-17 miles on Friday or Saturday. I have a couple of speed workouts lined up for this week too. I want to beat my time from the last marathon which was 3:26. I haven't done a lot of speed work, so I don't know if I will be able to beat that time. I will though, be able to run the whole thing and not be as sore as I was after the last marathon. I have only 3 weeks until this marathon, so wish me luck.

On another note, yesterday we went to an air show. It was pretty cool. We stayed there all day. Alex napped a little bit in the stroller. The Super Hornet is a very loud airplane. It is very cool. At first Alex was scared and cried about the loud airplanes, but once he realized that the planes wouldn't hurt him, he was very excited. He was so excited that he was jumping and screaming (for joy, not fright), and pointing up to the sky. The show ended at 6:30 or so and we were home in time for bed time.

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