Friday, December 21, 2007

It's Christmas Time

Merry Christmas to all. I really don't have much to write about except that I took my wife out to a movie and dinner tonight, but you would probably be pretty bored with (as my dad would say) "mushy" stuff like that.
Lets see what kind of photos I can find from my computer.
This first one is from the photo shoot three years ago when Ella was a baby. I guess she wasn't too happy.

It is fun to browse old photos.
This next one will probably get me in trouble. We were just having some fun with the camera and goofing around. I got a great shot of Amanda puckering up for a big smooch (I know I promised no mushy stuff, but this is cute). I love my wife.
Well, I hope you enjoy your holidays. We are going to decorate ginger bread houses tomorrow with some friends. If I'm feeling up to it I also plan on going for a long run tomorrow. I think 12 or 15 miles.

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