Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Chirstmas!!!

Today was Christmas. We all had a lot of fun today. I really love my kids. I was really excited to see how excited they got over all their presents. This was Ella's first reaction. "Look," she exclaims:

This is Alex when he saw what Ella had. He didn't care too much for his huge Tonka Truck. He finally warmed up to it a little when I put him in it and pushed him around the room. He kept wanting to sit back in it. He's cute.
The kids also really liked this little band set we got for them. It got a bit noisy in the house, but they enjoyed it. Alex really liked the harmonica.
Ella's favorite was her LeapPad learning book.

I was not left out either. I have no photos of me though. The best things I got were running things. Amanda got me a subscription to Runners World Magazine. She also got me an MP3 player that is small and clips nicely to my shorts. I also got earphones that attach to my ears. They are very comfortable. I was also given some time when the kids were napping to go for a run and test everything out. I also got a Metallica CD. That was some good music to listen to. It motivated me or something because I ran really fast for seven miles. You should click on the workout on the side of the page here to see more about my run. My last mile was about six minutes. That felt really good. I need to go out and run an all out mile just to see how fast I could do it. That was the fastest mile I have ran in probably several years. Even in the couple of speed workouts working up for the marathon I tried for a six minute mile, but I only got about 6:20 or so. I was really feeling great today. I've been feeling great for a while now. Last Saturday I went for a 14 mile run and even pushed Alex in the stroller. Well, I need to get off to bed. I'm getting up early tomorrow to go pick up my parents from the airport. They will be here for 10 days and we will really enjoy getting to spend time with them.

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