Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bad News

Yesterday as I was getting Alex in the car, I pulled my back. It was really annoying because I've done the same thing hundreds of other times before and never had a problem. This time I guess Alex has grown too big. When Amanda came outside, I was on my hands and knees. That was pretty humiliating, I couldn't even stand up. She helped me up. I took some medicine and it helped, but I still hurt. I took a hot bath this morning and then sat down and didn't move for a few hours, when I finally started to move around I was surprised that I didn't hurt nearly as much. I am aching now, but I hope it will go away so that I can run this marathon. I am definitely not going to push myself now. Maybe I'll make a four hour goal for myself. I'll see how I am feeling the day of the race. I'll keep you updated and let you know how I am feeling.

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Mo Bloggin' said...

Well, I hope that there won't be any long-term effects. Have you gone to see a doctor about it? Now would definitely be a good time before you get out and move.