Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Race Ready

I did a little speed workout yesterday. It was good, nice and short. I totaled four miles. Today I went for a five mile easy run. I pushed Alex along in the stroller. I feel really good. I went down to the store today to get some energy gel. I bought some Gu. I also bought some Nuun. It is an energy drink that I learned about recently. It is really cool. It is just a tablet that you put in water and it dissolves to an energy drink. It's great because it doesn't have all the bad for you sugars. I also bought a running shirt. I've been just using a t-shirt. It works, but all the sweat just stays there on the shirt and by the end of a run my shirt weighs about ten pounds. This new shirt should work great. Well that's it for now. I only have three short days till the marathon.

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