Sunday, November 11, 2007

Baton Rouge Beach Marathon

Well, I did it. I just signed up for the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon on December 1st at 7:00 AM. I also reserved a hotel for the night before. There is no going back now. I have paid my money: no refunds. It will be fun. This will be my second marathon. My first marathon, the Top of Utah Marathon, was over five years ago. My time was 3:26:46. My goal for this race is to finish faster than that. I would like to beat three hours, but I don't think I am ready for that yet. I had to cut off a month from my training and modify it a bit so that I would be ready for this marathon. Maybe three hours can be my goal for the Salt Lake City Marathon in April. I've got a ways to go to prepare for that race. Wish me luck. I'll keep you posted on my training and I will definitely tell you about the results. It is just three weeks away. I hope the Thanksgiving feast will not get in the way too much, especially since we are having two of them this year.
This race is pretty small. In the past, there has only been about 100 people doing the marathon and 400 or so doing the 1/2 marathon. If I plug my last time into last years results or the year before, I would be in the top 5 or 10. Anyway, I'll go rest now for my upcoming training week.


Amanda said...

You'll get first place, I know it. Especially since you'll have the best cheering squad in the whole world there!

Mo Bloggin' said...

Good luck with all that running. Personally, I have never understood running for any reason that didn't involve one's own life. ha ha ha! Ну, успеха тебе. Мне хотелось бы быть там чтобы подержать тебе.

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness!! You are crazy!! I die after my 15 minute mile walk everyday!! Well okay sometimes its like 20 minutes!! But good luck, and we will chear you on from way over here!! Well, maybe we'll drive over, it's only 2 hours from here!! Good luck crazy!!!